The Photographer’s Guide to Iceland – Volume 1: The South & West

Discover the best landscape photography locations in South and West Iceland (including the Snæfellsnes Peninsula) with this detailed guide book.

Iceland is a land of fire and ice, a rugged wilderness of volcanic peaks, majestic glaciers and spectacular waterfalls. With a range of dramatic and breathtaking scenery, it genuinely is a landscape photographer’s paradise.

Have you ever dreamed of photographing Iceland, but don’t really know what to expect or where to start? This book contains all you need to plan your perfect photography trip to this beautiful island.

It can be hard to know where to focus your time, especially on a short visit – Iceland is a big country with a mix of ordinary and extraordinary landscapes. It’s also home to over 10,000 waterfalls, but some are far more photogenic than others. This book contains detailed information on 60 of the finest photography locations in the country, allowing you to plan your trip with ease and get the most out of your time in Iceland.

There’s a huge variety of locations to explore, including magnificent glaciers, stunning black beaches, impressive waterfalls, geothermal wonders, epic craters and rugged lava fields. All the classic sights are covered along with locations off the beaten path, from stunning canyons to hidden cascades.

Each location has detailed written directions, annotated maps, GPS coordinates and QR codes that take you to the exact location on Google Maps. You’ll never get lost again, or miss lesser-known gems.

As well as advice on what time of year to visit, driving in Iceland can be challenging at times so I’ve also covered what to expect in different seasons, what car to hire at different times of year and all you need to know about F-roads and driving in the magnificent highlands.

There’s also practical advice about capturing the Northern Lights, visiting amazing ice caves, staying safe on location (some areas have hidden risks that can be dangerous if you’re not aware of them), aerial photography, flying drones in Iceland and photographing whales, puffins and horses.

The book is split into six sections:
Reykjavík & The Reykjanes Peninsula
The Golden Circle & Þjórsárdalur
The Southern Highlands
The South Coast Part 1
The South Coast Part 2
The Snæfellsnes Peninsula & West Iceland

(Please note, West Iceland is a different geographical area from the West Fjords.)

ISBN: 9780992683498

The Photographers Guide to Iceland Volume 1 - a photography location guide book

Features include

  • 60 brilliant locations, including waterfalls, black beaches, glaciers, geothermal areas, canyons, craters, churches and dramatic cliff views.
  • Detailed directions to each location, including annotated maps, GPS co-ordinates and QR codes.
  • What driving in Iceland is really like, all about F-roads and which locations you’ll need a 4×4 to get to.
  • Advice on the best time of day and the best time of year to visit locations.
  • Handy tips on photographing the Northern Lights, photographing ice caves, using drones, aerial photography and staying safe
    on location.
  • Table of sunrise and sunset times for the area.
  • Table of driving distances and times for planning your trip.
  • Suitable for photographers of all levels — from beginners to professionals.
  • Handy A5 size fits in your camera bag.

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